Team wellbeing support

Have you noticed that your team energy is low, or that colleagues are collectively experiencing difficulties following distressing and stressful events arising from COVID-19? You’ll likely have been working flat-out for a year in pressured conditions, and you may be struggling as a team. We’re here to help you. 

We welcome requests from managers who would be interested in group support for their team. You’ll meet with a clinical psychologist, who can assess the needs of your team before tailoring support to you. This may include reflective practice, supervision and coping strategies to help improve the psychological wellbeing of your whole team. 

We offer two types of support to teams:

Responding to teams who are experiencing difficulties

This will most likely be in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A series of reflective practice sessions will be offered to the team, giving them a platform to speak together about their experiences and support each other, as well as providing an opportunity to think about how to move forward as a team. This will be a confidential space to enable staff to speak openly. The group is not about providing therapy, but to help facilitate a discussion about people’s experiences in a safe and contained space.

Sustaining team wellbeing

This can be offered via a consultation between the psychologist and team manager, working towards creating a Wellbeing Strategy for the team.  We will focus on the psychological and emotional aspects of maintaining staff wellbeing at work. This may take the form of strategies focusing on enhancing staff’s skills and knowledge, increasing motivation, job satisfaction and emotional wellbeing. 

Whatever experiences and issues your team are facing, there is support available. If you would like to make a request for team support, please contact us. Either give us a call on 0300 303 5455, or email us at, mentioning ‘team support’.

For urgent mental health support 24/7 please contact the Plymouth First Response Service or the Devon First Response Service, depending on where you live.