Team wellbeing support

As well as providing support for individuals, we also offer support for teams, giving you and your colleagues the opportunity to think about your collective wellbeing. This is especially important given the increased working pressures of the last two years.

There might be a particular problem or event that has happened that requires the team to think, discuss and reflect upon. There could be some changes or uncertainties that are causing stress within the team and maybe some unhelpful team dynamics, or the team might want to think about improving wellbeing in the workplace. Sometimes the team want to focus on their team identity, values and what’s important to them about the work they do.

We welcome requests from managers who would be interested in group support for their team. You’ll meet with one of our psychologists or our psychotherapist, who can assess the needs of your team before tailoring support to you. Our aim is to offer an intervention that is bespoke to the team’s needs. 

We offer two types of support for teams:

Wellbeing Workshops

Workshops can vary hugely depending on a team’s needs and dynamics but are always centred on finding ways to enhance the wellbeing of both the team and the individuals within it. Common themes raised in workshops might be discussing the challenges of the work and the impact on wellbeing, creating psychological safety at work, identifying team strengths and positive practice.  A workshop might also focus on fostering working relationships and exploring team identity. When requested workshops can also include time to think about enhancing and maintaining both collective and individual wellbeing. 

Find out more about our workshops in this article

Reflective Practice

Reflective practice sessions give teams a platform to speak together about their experiences and support each other, as well as providing an opportunity to think about how to move forward as a team. This will be a confidential space to enable staff to speak openly. The group is not about providing therapy, but to help facilitate a discussion about people’s experiences in a safe and contained space.

“I was completely inspired by the workshop and felt that I left this with new skills and personal strategies that will help my wellbeing and that will help the team as a whole.”

“In my opinion being able to reflect on how work is at a given moment with colleagues is very healthy and supports team cohesion and improving working relationships.”

Whatever experiences and issues your team are facing, there is support available. If you would like to make a request for team support, please contact us. Either give us a call on 0300 303 5455, or email us at, mentioning ‘team support’.

For urgent mental health support 24/7, please contact the First Response Service via NHS 111 (select the mental health option).